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Connie Michael

Connie Michael studied classical piano at the Interlochen Arts Academy and graduated from Lawrence University with a degree in music education in 1980. A dance musician for more than thirty years, she started playing contra dances with a group called Chili Tones in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1980. After moving to Grand Junction, in 1999 she started the group Blarney Pilgrim with friend Ron Young. She and Ron started the contra dance series in Grand Junction, then changed the band name to Fifth Reel to embrace new kinds of music they were starting to play.


Connie is also a member of Rosewood & Ivory with Mick Wilson and Tea for Two with Norm Ashley. Together they play many contra dance tunes as well as light classical, swing, jazz gypsy and world music.

When not playing music, Connie is also known as Kani in the art world where she paints, makes jewelry, clocks and framed collage pieces. 

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