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English Country Dance

English Country Dance is a beautiful community dance genre that takes us back more than two centuries. The graceful figures are simple, most are danced at a stately pace, and emphasize the elegance of the times they reflect. The live music, similarly stylish, flows as closely with the dancer's movements today as it did in the country manors and ballrooms of 17th and 18th century England. Sharing many characteristics with the Contra Dance, its more boisterous cousin, English Country Dance is easy to learn; a caller coaches the dancers through each dance. Come to the Margery Building, 523 ½ Main Street, Grand Junction for our next English Country Dance and travel through time for a graceful and delightful evening.

Dress for an English Country Dance is fancy, that is, whatever suits your fancy! Many dancers enjoy dressing in Regency (early 1800's English) style, but while it may be admired, it is by no means required. Should you wish to try your hand at Regency style dress, however, here is a YouTube link suggesting ways to do so with materials available at thrift stores.

English Country Dance prices are $10 Adults, $7 for students over 18, $5 for ages 10 to 17.

Here are some examples of English Country dance that you can find on Youtube:

Christchurch Bells


The Hop Ground


Hole in the Wall 


The Indian Queen 


Jack’s Maggot


The Minor Spaniard 


Jack’s Health


Old Wife Behind the Fire

Photos of some of our dancers are on this page.


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