Norm Ashley

Norm Ashley is the newest member of Fifth Reel and he's been fiddling a little more than eight years. Before that, he was a strictly classical guy, teaching violin, playing in symphonies, and conducting our local community choir, The Schumann Singers.

Norm is retired from the Grand Junction Symphony, where he was concertmaster for more than twenty years. He still enjoys playing with Fifth Reel and Rosewood & Ivory as a fiddler. He has a brother-in-law, Glenn Dauphin, who is a member of two bluegrass bands in the San Francisco bay area. At Glenn's invitation, Norm has had the pleasure of fiddling with both those bands, Sidesaddle & Co., and High Country, the two longest running bands in the bay area.

Norm is happily married to Merle and their rescue dog, Annie. Traveling, kayaking, and boat building occupy most of the rest of his time.

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