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Grand Junction Traditional Dance Society

Contra dancing in the Grand Valley of Western Colorado has been in the capable and talented hands of the Grand Junction Traditional Dance Society for twenty years. Contra dance has great tradition yet is easy to learn and makes for an invigorating evening.


In recent years we have added English Country Dances and, beginning last year, International Folk Dances. The response has been overwhelmingly positive and we will continue to offer these new forms of dance to our patrons. As with contra dances, English Country and International Folk dances are both easy to learn and invigorating while offering a new perspective to traditional dance.

Please check our calendar and set aside these dates for your dancing enjoyment!

Two members of Fifth Reel, Connie Michael and Ron Young are founders of the Society. Mick Wilson and Norm Ashley have come on in subsequent years to form our core band. Other great musicians have participated in providing the music for dances over the years. Read about them on the Special Guests page.

As with other community organizations, none of this could happen without local sponsors who provide funds and refreshments for the dances. By all means, read about them on the Sponsors page. Also, be sure to check out our "Dancing Around" page for other dances in the area.

"The evening was Just Great!

We made it in for the initial tutoring session with the fine teacher. The fiddler was indeed very impressive, and the accompaniment changing on different verses was fun.

I wished the more involved dancing could be seen from above somehow .... It was just a very satisfying time, great folks and stimulating on many levels."

Many Thanks, Ed from Delta

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