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So where can you find us performing? In addition to playing dances in the beautiful Margery Ballroom in Grand Junction, you'll often find us in these venues:

Irish Session

Members of Fifth Reel form the core of Grand Junction's Irish Session. Springhill Suites, 236 Main Street in Grand Junction is our gracious host from 6:00 to 8:00 pm on the first and third Wednesdays of every month. Please come have a cocktail or soft drink and enjoy the music. It's free!

Adult Care

One of our joys is entertaining seniors who reside in various facilities here in the valley. We fit our music to the season or holiday and keep it light and happy, all for a modest fee. 


Fifth Reel will put together a customized musical program for your special event. For weddings we can provide pre-ceremony, processional and recessional instrumentals. For receptions we can provide background music, or we can also offer simple, easily-learned traditional dances to complete your special day.


We have performed special programs in many locations including The Art Center, the Radio Room and for civic functions, CMU programs and New Dimensions. We often travel to neighboring towns for dances and were a featured band at two major contra dance weekends as well as the local Grand Valley Highland Games.

Your Own

Another of our joys is providing music for your special event. We can play a program for you, provide background music, perform music for church services and other such events. If you'd like, we'll add a dance for you and your friends. Our repertoire ranges from Celtic to folk, jazz, classical, pop, sacred and more. Our fee is reasonable and our music provided with a smile!

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